Here are movies that have been released so far.

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Aside from the comics, the Star Wars films have been extremely successful at bringing all kinds of crowds to the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Movies (The prequels dont exist)


These are the posters for the original trilogy made by artist Drew Struzan. The posters were important as they would be the face of the movie. It's important to keep the names of the movies in mind as well, they always come up in the film. For example in the first movie Luke was the New Hope, or in the last of the trilogy *spoilers* Darth Vader killing the Emperor was the return of him as a jedi,"Return of the Jedi".


Contrary to popular belief the poster for the new movie was not made by Drew Struzan, but the art director for the film, Bryan Morton. The announcement of the new film nearly broke the internet and flooded it with all sorts of Star Wars content for weeks. One of the first things you get from a movie announcement is the poster. The poster introduces characters and what else we might see in the film.